3 redenen voor unieke locked ticket codes

June 7 2024 - Frank de Vos - reading time 2.5 minutes

When organizing an event, apart from your regular ticket sales, you may also want to offer special tickets to special guests. This allows loyal visitors to purchase tickets earlier or sell last-minute paid spots on the guest list. At Stager, we have introduced a solution for this.

Locked tickets mobile

Locked tickets are tickets that only become visible to ticket buyers after entering a code. You can obtain these codes in two ways: by manually entering them or by having them generated. An example of a manually set code is "stager10," which gives ticket buyers a 10% discount on their order. Unique codes are generated by Stager. You can set how often these generated codes are usable, how many you create, and when they are valid.

For each event, you can create different types of locked tickets, which provides numerous useful situations to use locked tickets. In this blog, I highlight 3 of them.



You want to treat loyal guests of your event or die-hard fans of an artist performing specially. With unique locked ticket codes, it becomes possible to organize exclusive pre-sales for them. You create locked tickets for events and generate unique codes to unlock those tickets in the ticket shop. Then you send a personal email with a unique code and voila, they get the first opportunity to buy tickets. And you sell a portion of your tickets to your most enthusiastic audience in advance. Win-win!

Paid guest list

Paid guest list

As a club manager, you know the scenario: your event is almost sold out, but you get last-minute requests from special people who still want to attend. You want to accommodate these people! With unique locked ticket codes, you send these people last-minute paid guest list spots. Even if the event is officially sold out, you can make hidden tickets available through a unique code. This way, you remain flexible and don't miss out on extra income. Nowadays, many people want to enter your event for free, but with a paid guest list, you let them pay for a ticket. Guests who receive the code from you, even after the event is sold out, feel extra valued.

Business event

Business events

Are you organizing a large corporate event with multiple companies? Then unique locked ticket codes also offer a solution. You can create separate codes for each company, allowing their employees to get tickets for free or at a discount. Maybe one sponsor gets free access while another gets a nice discount. Or companies pay with an invoice and receive codes with which free tickets can be obtained. This way, you create a tailored experience that makes all participating companies happy.

These are just a few examples of how you can use locked tickets with unique codes. The feature offers a solution for many other situations, such as special discount actions and special customer journeys. Whether you are organizing a concert, a conference, or a gala, unique locked tickets offer many possibilities.

Locked tickets help center

Creating locked tickets and sending them through Stager is easy. Check this article and find out how to create locked tickets and send the codes to your guests with a few clicks. The feature works great on desktop but even better on your mobile phone. With two clicks, you send an automatically (and customizable) generated message with information about the event, the unique code, and the link to the ticket shop to all your contacts via an app of your choice.

Excited to explore this new feature?Then get started quickly with this new feature and discover all the benefits of targeted, exclusive ticket sales. Curious about the other possibilities of Stager? Visit our website quickly for the rest of our features.

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