About Stager.

Stager grew out of the Rotterdam cultural sector. A number of venues and festivals wanted more control over their own business processes. They also felt they paid excessively for ticketing costs. This loose group of organizations and individuals thought up an online tool which could help control ticketing costs and run event planning better. That became Stager.

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Stager's journey.

The Stager team began working on an ambitious project: an all-in-one system for event organizers. This would not have been possible without the daily support from avant-garde arts venue WORM and the work of developers from Lunatech.

After this start-up phase, Stager expanded to become a vital part of the European events scene. Currently we work together with hundreds of venues, theaters, festivals and club and party organizers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Stager's dream is to see its events management and ticket sales systems used worldwide.

Stager's philosophy.

Stager believes in the power of cooperation and that a cooperative approach can only be enhanced by working in one system.

Stager  listens to our users because they know best when it comes to doing their jobs well.

Stager finds that the organizer must be in charge and able to set their own service costs and own their data.

Stager sees itself as a meerkat, able to command a clear view over the hectic run up to an event.

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And we know the drill!

Hi, I'm Feyona! If you call Stager, chances are you will hear my voice. I was born in Groningen but now live in the oh so beautiful Rotterdam. In my free time I love listening to music, traveling, museums, languages and (board) games. Am I forgetting something? My Spotify playlist consists almost entirely of indie/alternative pop, often Italian or Norwegian. I walk through life with a smile, a brisk stride and a song in my head, while most likely thinking about dinner tonight.

Locatie Stager kantoor

Stager offices

Our office is found in ZOHO, a new cultural quarter in Rotterdam. This is a place where a lot of forward-looking creatives and innovators work, normally in the arts and design, culture and media, tech, food, architecture and urban planning sectors. There is always something to do or to think about in this busy neighbourhood!

Our address

Zomerhofstraat 82
3032 CM Rotterdam
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Do you want to work with Stager or be a Stager partner? Or maybe come and work with us?

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