Stager can be used as an all-in-one system, but creating a fully indigenous all-in-one system is pretty impossible. That is why Stager has linked up with other applications and systems to let our customers reach more potential visitors and sell more tickets online.


Mailchimp logo

If you don't want to use the Stager mailing system, you can also create an integration with your Mailchimp account and direct your ticket buyers to a Mailchimp newsletter.


TicketSwap logo

Stager has set up a link with TicketSwap that allows us to monitor tickets that are offered via TicketSwap's platform. This function allows tickets to be resold for up to 20% of the purchase price. Tickets with delayed download can be resold even before the download link is released. View the frequently asked questions for more information on this.


Facebook logo

Stager's ticket shop is equipped with all necessary Facebook and Instagram (aka Meta) scripts. When you enter your own pixel ID, you can easily measure conversions, or carry out follow ups on visitors who have not completed their purchase.


Google logo

Use all of Google's marketing tools to boost your ticket sales! Easily measure the success of your Google Ads or the traffic and conversions with Google Analytics. We also support Google Tag Manager for the specialists.

Theater for Wordpress

Theater for Wordpress plugin

Automatically load all information from Stager into WordPress and publish it on your website! This is possible with the free Theater for WordPress plug in and the paid Stager extension. Developed by our trusted partner, Menno Luitjes.


TimeSquare logo

Do you want an app for your own venue? TimeSquare has a ready-made app for iOS and Android. With the integration with Stager you can automatically load program information, ticket links and images into the app. No double work!


Foyer TV Wordpress plugin

With this extension to the Theater for WordPress plug in you can immediately and freely publish information about upcoming events on public screens in your venue.


Podiuminfo logo

200,000 music lovers visit the Podiuminfo concert agenda platform every month. Your concerts will automatically appear on this website via a link from Stager. Please contact Podiuminfo if you want to see your events posted on their platform.

Event Connectors

Event Connectors provides a tool, The Feed Factory. Through The Feed Factory tool, events entered in Stager are linked to various events calendars. This way, your event is automatically brought to the attention of a large audience.

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