FAQ for ticket buyers.

You have bought a ticket from one of our customers, but you run into a problem. Stager's FAQ will try to answer any question you have. In some cases Stager will have to forward you to the organizer. This is because we are the ticket supplier and your question may fall outside our remit.

No tickets received

Your bank statement shows you have paid for your tickets, but you have not received an email. You can get your tickets resent via the link below. But please check your SPAM box first!

Wrong tickets

It may happen that you did not notice which tickets you paid for during checkout. If you bought tickets for the wrong event, Stager recommends that you contact the organizer. They decide whether tickets can be exchanged.

Tickets can't be found

You may have downloaded the tickets after payment or received a download email, but you cannot find them anywhere. Go to our "lost tickets" page and Stager will resend to the specified email address.

Printed ticket or mobile scan?

Most scanners can scan from a mobile phone, so you don't always have to print your ticket. Good for the environment, too. If the organizer nevertheless wants you to print the ticket with you, they will often explicitly state this.

Tickets with delayed download

For tickets with delayed download, the download link is only released shortly before the event. With TicketSwap it is possible to resell them before you received the download link.

Shared tickets

You can share a ticket with your friends, family or anyone else. If you don't want to share the shared ticket anyway, you can revoke the ticket link.

You can't make it...

We regularly hear that people cannot attend an event due to personal circumstances. As a ticketing provider, we are not allowed to refund tickets. Contact the organizer of the event, make a friend happy with the tickets or put your tickets on TicketSwap.

Questions about an event

Stager knows about many great events that are being organized using our systems, but we cannot answer specific questions about a program or location, or issues like accessibility. Please contact the organizer of the event or the venue itself.

Names on tickets

You may have ordered multiple tickets, and all the tickets have the name of the person who completed the order. That is hardly ever a problem. An organizer always states explicitly when an individual sale must correspond with a name.

Problems downloading

Every day thousands of tickets are downloaded into Stager's system without any problems, so it is probably down to the device you are using. Maybe try to download the ticket on another computer, tablet or phone. Or use a different internet browser.

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