Privacy Policy

Last updated November 16, 2023

This Privacy Policy relates to policy of Stager B.V. regarding the visitors of our websites and users of the Stager application, being our customers (event organizers) and our customers' contacts (ticket buyers, newsletter recipients and other persons whose data are processed by the organizer through our application).

Processing of personal data by the organizer.

Stager B.V. enables event organizers to collect and process personal data such as your name, email address, gender, phone number, address, as well as other data such as your interests and ticket purchases.

The event organizer is the owner of the personal data of ticket buyers and other contact persons that the organizer enters into the Stager application. With this organizer, Stager enters into a Processor Agreement stating how this personal data is protected and secured.

If you want to know more about the processing of your personal data, you should contact the event organizer.

Organizer cookies

Organizers can place analytical and tracking cookies in the ticket shop. Using analytical cookies, they gain insight into the behavior of their website visitors, for example, the number of visitors and the most visited pages. They can also see how website visitors subsequently go through the steps of the purchase process.

Tracking cookies enable the organizer to build profiles of website visitors. Based on these profiles, they can, for example, show ads tailored to you.

We refer you to the event organizer's privacy and cookie policy for more information on this.

Removal of personal data by the organizer

To remove personal data you should contact the organizer of the event. The contact details of the organizer can usually be found on the website, but you can also respond to the ticket download email or newsletter you received through Stager. The organizer will then anonymize and delete your account.

The organizer can also set a retention period for personal data in the Stager application. After this period expires, inactive accounts will be deleted automatically. The organizer is required to include a retention period in its privacy policy.

When an organizer decides to no longer use Stager's services, the personal data stored in the Stager environment of this organizer will be deleted automatically. This occurs 30 days after the organizer's account is closed.

Processing of personal data by Stager

When you fill out a contact form on our website ( or create an account, when you chat with us, subscribe to our newsletter or contact our helpdesk, you leave your personal data with Stager B.V.. Besides the personal data you actively provide yourself, we also register your activity on our website, such as your IP address, your internet browser and the type of device you use to visit our site. 

Your personal data is used by Stager to solve problems or to properly inform you about relevant Stager’s products and/or services. To improve our website, application and service, we also analyze data and user behavior in our tools. 

The processing of your personal data takes place in a manner that is in accordance with existing laws and regulations for the protection of privacy.

Cookies from Stager

When you visit our website (, our server sends a cookie to your computer. Stager uses both functional, analytical and tracking cookies. Functional cookies ensure that our website functions correctly, analytical cookies allow us to analyze behavior on our website, and tracking cookies allow us to create a profile of visitors so we can inform them about Stager's features.

Furthermore, Stager uses functional cookies in the ticket shops to make the ticket sales process run smoothly. Analytical cookies are also placed via Google Tag Manager in the ticketshop and in the Stager backstage - that's what we call the section of Stager for organizers where they manage their events. We place these cookies to understand the use of the Stager application in order to optimize our software. For example, this allows us to see how many ticket buyers are active, which pages in Stager are frequently used by organizers, and whether ticket buyers are having a streamlined buying experience.

Removal of personal data by Stager

If you wish to delete or anonymize your personal data, please contact us using the contact form on our website. Please note that we cannot delete personal data owned by our clients, being event organizers.

We maintain a retention period of seven years at Stager for personal data that Stager processes itself. After this period, the personal data of inactive contacts are automatically deleted.

Sharing of personal data

Stager B.V. will not sell your data to third parties and will not pass it on to third parties, unless this is necessary to execute the agreement or to comply with any legal obligations.

Protecting your privacy

Most browsers are set to accept cookies by default, but you can reset your browser to refuse all cookies or to indicate when a cookie is being sent. This may result in some features and services, on our and other websites, not functioning correctly. 

It is possible to unsubscribe from newsletters or mailings at any time, but unsubscribing may have the unwanted effect of not receiving important information about Stager's operation.

Modification of Privacy Policy

Stager B.V. reserves the right to modify its privacy policy in accordance with applicable privacy regulations. You will always find the most recent version of our privacy policy on our website.


If you have questions about our privacy policy or if you want us to remove or anonymize data, please contact us via the contact form on our website.

Every privacy policy includes an ugly cookie statement. So this is it! It is good to know that we really need cookies to give you a better experience of Stager. When you continue using our website you agree to the use of cookies.