Ticketing features.

It starts with peak sales of your Early birds and ends with checking at the door and checking in your guests. Stager's online ticketing system handles this with ease, whether you're a complex festival with single performances or a club night with a few ticket types in different stages.

Online ticketing

Online ticketing.png

Maximize your ticket sales and generate higher conversion rates with our online mobile-friendly ticketing system.



Change the look and feel of your ticket shop and email communications completely to your liking in Stager.

Ticket management

Beheer je kaartverkoop.png

Our easy-to-use tools make managing ticket sales a breeze for your organization.

Guest list system


Avoid hassles at the door with our comprehensive guest list system in our handy app.

Membership system


Membership cards are a thing of the past, thanks to our convenient membership system with photo recognition.

Door sales


We offer an easy-to-use POS system that makes it super easy to sell tickets and take phone reservations.



In Stager, you keep a detailed eye on your organization's ticket sales in a variety of ways.

Curious about our other features?

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