From one-off workshops and small-scale "underground" parties to complex festivals and venues with many events per day or week.

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All the marketing and ticketing tools that you need for your events.
0,00 euro
/ monthly
  • Competitive ticket fee
  • Online ticket shop in your style
  • CRM with customer profiles
  • Complete mailing system
  • Online marketing toolkit
  • Membership and guest lists
  • For up to 5 users


Planning, marketing and ticketing. With your whole team in one system.
99,00 euro
/ monthly
All features from the Ticketing package plus
  • Competitive ticket fee
  • Pre-production management
  • Real time itineraries and schedules
  • Personnel planning each event
  • Task management system
  • For up to 10 users


For complex productions, organizations with a large crew or multiple events.
199,00 euro
/ monthly
All the features from the Ticketing and Cool packages plus
  • Competitive ticket fee
  • Dynamic production schedule
  • Event and events series templates
  • Scheduling for personnel rosters
  • Links for website and platforms
  • For up to 50 users

What are the differences between each Stager package?

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