Ticket management.

Do you manage the ticket sales for your organization? We offer you user-friendly tools that help you work quickly and efficiently. You can look up an order, or send, block, or reserve tickets seamlessly. The refund process is also fully automated, allowing you to refund a single order, or all tickets for a cancelled event, in just a few clicks.

Online ticketshop
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Pay out the ticket fees to yourself

However much fun organizing events is, paying yourself is even better. Stager offers you the option to pay yourself weekly or monthly. Do you need money in your account asap, for cash flow reasons? Then pay yourself with the touch of a button.


Secondary ticketing

By selling tickets with a “delayed download” function you can combat touts. These tickets are only available to visitors shortly before an event. And, thanks to the Sealed Tickets integration, ticket buyers can now sell on their tickets before a show, but only via TicketSwap. This way, your organization can stay informed of customer data and all parties all share in the profits. Win-win-win.

Ticket import

Import tickets

Do you want to switch from another ticket provider to Stager? Good plan. With Stager you can easily import the barcodes from your old system into the Stager backstage; they can then be scanned at the door with the Stager app. If you also include buyer contact details in the imports, you automatically build up your visitor history, and from then on you can quickly find and email your ticket buyers. Easy!

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