Event marketing software.

The Stager ticketing system is equipped with all the event marketing tools you need to reach your audience with the right information. No complicated links, exports and imports to other systems or having to copy-paste information. Everything in one user-friendly system!

Email marketing software
CRM systeem

CRM system with customer profiles.

The engine behind Stager's marketing machine is an extensive customer relationship management (CRM) system. Collect all the data from your press contacts, suppliers, employees and colleagues in one central place. Ticket buyers can also be found in Stager's CRM system. They are automatically provided with tags such as "interests". The Stager CRM is completely GDPR proof, and all data is yours!

Online marketing for events.

Google and Facebook's online marketing tools have endless possibilities. With ready-to-use integrations (Facebook, Google Analytics, Google Ads) or Google Tag Manager containers, Stager makes it easy to set up smart campaigns. And then immediately measure the success of your efforts, so that you can be sure that you are using your marketing budget properly.

Online marketing integraties
Email systeem

Email marketing software.

Stager is equipped with a mailing system that can send precisely targeted service mails, direct mailings, invitations and ticket alerts. You can also design your press mailings and newsletters in your own style and quickly send them out into the world.

A very handy feature: you immediately see how much revenue your mail has generated. That's the advantage of an all-in-one system!

Integration with your website and agenda platforms.

In Stager you can manage all marketing information in one central place, which you can also automatically publish on your own website. Your information can also be used in mailings, your ticket shop, agenda feeds or on specialized agenda platforms such as Podiuminfo.nl and the Dutch National Database for Tourism, Recreation and Culture and Nightlife (NDTRC), which feeds all Dutch Tourist Information agendas.

Koppeling website agenda platforms
Doelgroep analyse

Generating target groups and visitor analysis.

Stager creates reports that help you gain more insight into your visitors and the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. For example, based on your customer purchasing behaviour, we can offer overlap analysis, allowing you to create a target group for your mailing or marketing campaign with the simple push of a button.

And now you're curious to know what all this costs...

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