Event planning software.

Stager helps you prepare for your event by streamlining the entire process - from idea to execution. In the virtual backstage, you can prepare your productions in detail and ensure that your crew knows exactly what to do. This frees up time and energy and allows your entire team to focus on what is really important.

Event planning software
Evenementen kalender

Events calendar.

Stager's events calendar is the starting point for your programming. You can see the entire events program at a glance with the detailed view you need. Stager templates can help you can create a fully equipped production in a few clicks and through smart automation, Stager ensures that repeat work is minimized. 

Planning your productions.

Producing events means processing a lot of information and sharing the right info with the right people. In the production section of Stager you manage all information and files in one central place. At a glance you can see which parts of the production still need attention and when everything is arranged you share info sheets with the performing artists or booking agents so they know exactly what to do. 

Program item details
Schedule overview

Putting together schedules.

Excel is a great program, but Stager can do a few things that Excel can't ;) Per program, per event or per day you can create schedules. By linking activities in your schedule to tags, rooms, people, events, you can generate customized overviews. The pack of paper in your back pocket is a thing of the past, because in the Stager app (Android & iOS) you can now check in real time what's coming up. 

Advancing tool

As a producer you are the link between the external party and your own executive team and it is important to have the right information at your disposal in a timely and complete manner. With Stager's advancing tool you can request information, contact details and documents such as riders and get a perfect overview of what information is complete and what is still open. You can use all the information provided immediately to plan your production.

Advancing overview

Personnel planning system.

Whether you run a traditional theatre with a regular staff or are preparing a large-scale festival with many volunteers, Stager can save you a lot of time during the rostering process. Due to Stager's flexible set-up, you, the planner, determine how much freedom you give your crew when specifying preferences and booking shifts.

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