Selling event tickets.

It starts with the monitoring the sales of your early bird tickets and ends with scanning tickets at the door and checking off your guestlist. With Stager's online ticketing system, you can arrange all of these tasks with ease, whether you are a large, multi-day festival or a club night selling different presale ticket types.

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Online ticket sales.

With our mobile friendly ticketshop you can maximize your ticket sales. Potential customers can choose their ticket type, enter the personal information you request, pay online through their bank, and they are ready to go.. No ticketing provider does this quicker than Stager.

As an organizer, you decide what service fees you want to charge and when you want to pay out yourself to your bank account.

Customize your ticket shop.

Create your own house style in your ticket shop, using your own tone of voice, through your own channels. You can embed the ticket shop seamlessly into your website by adjusting colours and fonts. If you host multiple concepts or festivals, you can create separate ticket shops with their own look and feel and separate online marketing integrations.

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Guest list app and membership system.

Import guestlists, send tickets by email or let external parties fill in their (limited) guestlist themselves. If an unexpected VIP shows up at the door, you can quickly add them to the guest list via the Stager app.

Stager has a membership system - with photo recognition - for business clubs or organizations with multiple volunteers, members and annual card holders.

Physical ticket sales.

For door sales, whether at the entrance or when registering telephone reservations, we offer a robust and easy-to-use door cash register system. It can work as both a luxury setup with touch screen and a Boca ticket printer or simply with a Chromebook and an ink pad and stamp. Your choice!

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Ticket sales insights

Real time insights into your ticket sales.

How are sales going? Did our marketing campaign have any effect? Where do the visitors come from? How many visitors have already arrived? And of course: what can we do to shift those last tickets? These are all pressing questions that you, as an organizer, want to answer and you also get with Stager.

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