CRM system.

The motor driving Stager's marketing machine is an extensive customer relationship management (CRM) system. You can collect all data from your press contacts, suppliers, employees and competitors in one central place. Stager automatically provides ticket buyers with tags such as interests, which can be easily found, to email.

CRM systeem
Audience Builder final 3

Audience builder

With our Audience builder you can easily create target groups based on very extensive criteria. Consider, for example, targeting all newsletter recipients, press contacts with a specific music taste, active members, or visitors who have not yet purchased a ticket for a particular event, but are probably interested. These target groups are automatically updated, for example when someone registers for the newsletter, and can be saved for repeated use.

Import contacts

Switching to Stager is an excellent choice, and we want to make it as simple as possible for you. You can easily import all contacts into Stager from another email, marketing, or ticketing system. This way you import all previous visitors into your Stager contact list, and can inform them with the Stager mailer about any cool events that are coming up.

Contacten importeren

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