Email marketing software.

With the Stager drag-and-drop mailer you can easily create emails using your own corporate identity. And you can generate unique promotional codes or an event agenda using adaptable inbuilt components. The mailer can be quickly filled with the content already in Stager, such as event information and ticket links. If you really want to go wild, you can also add your own HTML codes. We also have an integration to add GIFs: not unimportant!

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Email templates

Time is money. Working with email templates in Stager saves you valuable time. The templates are pre-designed for the likes of newsletters, ticket alerts or service emails. You can send emails very quickly without having to make them from scratch each time.


Email insights

Of course you want to know whether your emails are effective. After sending an email, you see how often it has been opened and how many people have clicked on the unsubscribe link. And - very useful - you can immediately see the revenue your mail generates by using sales tracking links. That's the advantage of an all-in-one system.

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Opt-in beheer

Opt-in beheer

In your ticket shop, customers indicate whether they want to be kept informed. If they do, they are automatically added to the 'Newsletter recipients' group. This means you never send unwanted marketing mail. Visitors can also register for your newsletters through your own website. We have an opt-in API available for this. The opt-ins are managed by Stager in accordance with GDPR standards.

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