Demographic insights.

Marketing campaigns are successful, or they’re not. Regardless, it’s nice to have a good idea of those visitors who do come to your events. With Stager you gain insight into the demographic data of your visitors, such as age and place of residence. You can view this per event, time period, genre or event type. Handy for new marketing campaigns!

Demografische gegevens
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Visitor insights

Stager evaluates your ticket buyers accurately. You have easy access to information such as the average customer value per order, and who your most valuable visitors are. At the touch of a button you can generate a list of all new ticket buyers, or create a target group of ticket buyers who have purchased tickets for similar events.


Sales tracking

With our sales tracking function you can measure how much revenue your marketing campaigns generate. In Stager you create unique tracking links to your ticket shop. You use these links in your advertising campaigns, place them on your website or use them in your social media, to learn exactly where your ticket buyers come from. Stager measures the number of clicks on this link, the conversions from it, and the associated turnover.

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