Promo campaigns.

Who doesn't like a discount? With a promotional campaign you can sell tickets at a discounted price. Stager generates unique codes for ticket buyers that offer percentage or priced discounts. You determine how long these codes are valid for. The ticket buyer enters this code during the ordering process in the ticket shop to activate their discount.

Via de mail

Send codes via email

You can easily send unique discount codes to your contacts with the Stager mailer. You select your target group, compose a message and drag the promotional campaign component into your finished email. Everyone then receives a unique code to take advantage of a percentage or price discount. Saves time and is extremely useful.


Insight into campaigns

Your promotional campaign should lead to great results. With Stager, you can check the number of codes used, see who has used them, and for which events. This gives you a clear picture of the success of your campaign. To measure is to know! Gambling’s a mug’s game!

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