Online marketing.

Visualizing the customer journey of your ticket buyer is a fascinating process. To do this, add online marketing pixels in your ticket shop. For instance, you can see who is stuck in a loop in the sales process, and you can approach them again, with a different message.

Online marketing integraties
Stager Google Tag Manager

GTM container

Stager has an integration with Google Tag Manager that you can set up in your ticket shop. Using GTM, you can measure the conversion results for your regular program or an annual event separately, using Google Analytics. Our ready-made container helps you  better analyze your data, together with your marketer.


Create target audiences

You can approach your audience in different phases of the sales process. For example, you may want to show customers who have placed an order in the shopping cart a different incentive to those who have only visited the ticket page. Create different target groups and sell more tickets through smart remarketing.


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