As a producer, you form the link between the external party and your own team, so it is important to have the correct information available to hand, in a timely and complete manner. With Stager's advancing tool you can request general information, contact details and documents, such as riders. All information provided is immediately stored in Stager and you can use it when planning your productions.

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Advancing forms

When you plan productions in Stager, you’ll want to know in advance what you need to arrange for the external party. The external party will receive a link or email from you where they can upload riders in a form, share dietary requirements, etc. This saves a lot of time when preparing productions.


Advancing dashboard

In the Advancing dashboard you can see in real time whether the external party has provided the requested information or whether there are any outstanding questions. As soon as your questions (e.g. timetable, dietary requirements, desired layout, contact persons) have been answered, you can close the form and you will see a green check mark in your dashboard. That’s the sign of an organized production!

Advancing overview

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