Personnel planning.

Whether you run a theatre with a regular group of people, or are preparing a large festival with many volunteers, Stager will save you a lot of time during scheduling. You can easily schedule staff using pre-made event templates.


Availability / first come first serve

You can schedule staff with Stager in different ways. As a planner, you can choose who works the shift, but you can also check the availability of your staff and then put together a schedule. You can even create open shifts and let staff schedule themselves accordingly.


Work in teams

Stager makes planning clearer and easier. Divide your staff into different teams such as catering, production and security. If an open shift is available for the catering team, all catering employees will see this when they log in to the ticket shop. You can also filter by teams in the roster and maintain an overview.

Werk in teams
iPhone agenda

Shift notifications & agenda

Your staff will soon have no excuse if they don't show up. Stager sends notifications to your staff by email when a service has been assigned to them. We also immediately place the shift in your employee's agenda. That's two fewer excuses to fall back on.

Hour overviews

It's time to do your payroll… To make things a little easier, Stager allows you to create time overviews per person, group or period. The overviews are Excel files, so you can easily make edits. You can save hours and pay your employees on time.


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