Budgets are your GPS when organizing events. They keep you on the right financial track, preventing you from falling into a financial hole or getting lost in a maze of unforeseen costs. With Stager you can create clear budgets for each event with cost items you set in advance.

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Real-time overview

‘Is this project still profitable?’ ‘Are we on the right track?’ ‘What’s the bottom line?’ These are all pressing questions that you, as an organizer, want answers to. You get these answers with Stager. Because we know exactly how many tickets you have sold, we give you real-time insight into the financial state of affairs.


Financial reports

Financial reports are there to make your life easier. Stager lets you compare the budgeted amounts with the final results. You can do this specifically, for each event, but also over entire periods to show the bigger picture. For show settlements and other settlements, you can easily generate an overview of all sales, refunds and Stager costs for each event. A breeze.

Financiële rapportages

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