Event calendar.

The event calendar is the starting point for your programming. You can see the entire program at a glance, and with the detailed view you need. You view the calendar per day, week, or month. This way you can clearly see when and where events are taking place, and you can create a new event with one click.

Event calendar
Event templates

Event templates

With the help of templates you can create a fully equipped production in no time. Through smart automation, Stager ensures that your completion work is minimized. Very useful for recurring events or standard productions with similar schedules, scripts, ticket sales settings or publicity information.


Series and time slots

With film screenings, in a theatre, or at exhibitions, you sometimes need to create the same event for several days, and at multiple times. For this you use the Stager backstage Event series. These are linked events that contain the same information and can be edited in one go. Why not be creative and lazy?

Event series

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