Production planner.

Producing events means processing a lot of information and sharing the right information with the right people. With Stager's production planner you manage all information and files in one central place. You arrange matters down to the last detail for each program component and clearly record agreements such as overnight stays and hospitality.

Program item details

Status overview

In the production planning tool you can see at a glance which parts of a production still require attention. When all information about a part, such as technology or hospitality is known, you mark that part as completed. This way, your colleagues are immediately informed and everyone knows what still needs to be done.


Sharing itineraries

Generate information sheets with our itinerary builder and share all relevant information about your event with external parties - such as artists, bookers, agents, party organizers or rental partners. You send these itineraries with the Stager mailer to everyone involved so that everyone is on the same page. On the floor, your crew checks which agreements have been made and shared in the app.


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