Excel is great, but Stager can do a few things that Excel can’t. You create activities for each program, event or day, which you then link to tags, rooms, people and events. Using the extensive filter function, you can generate customized overviews that you can print for all people in your team.

Calendar App.png

Check it in the app

The wad of paper in your back pocket is a thing of the past: in the Stager app (for Android & iOS) you can now check what's in the pipeline, in real-time. Filter by room, person or event, and you know exactly what to do. Handy for the staff on the floor and it also saves trees.


Timeline overview

If you run the risk losing track on the status of all your activities, switch to the activities timeline in the Stager backstage. Here, you get a visual insight into what is going on in your spaces, and you can zoom in and out on your productions.


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