Mobile-first by design.

85% of all event tickets purchased in Stager ticket shops are from mobile devices. This makes a mobile-friendly ticket shop extremely important. Stager’s ticket shop is mobile-first by design. We know that a well-functioning mobile ticket shop simply sells more tickets!



It is important the look and feel of your event is immediately seen by the ticket buyer. With Stager, you can fully customize the look and feel of each ticket shop to your own wishes. You can change the background, logos, choose the colours and set the fonts. And reach your target group with bespoke emails in the style of the event. The style choice is huge!


Tone of voice

Design is important, but so is the message. You make the texts yourself; whether for the ticket shops or the emails with your ticket buyers. This way, the entire customer journey can be styled to your event.

Online ticketshop in iframe


Visitors can complete part of the ordering process on your own site if you embed the ticket shop there. This way you can seamlessly integrate the ticket shop into the design of your site.

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