Are you on track with your ticket sales? Or are there events in the coming period that still require a promotional push? Stager allows you to monitor ticket sales in various ways. You can view status per event, compare the results of different events or view the total result over a certain period. You can also pull overviews for each event from Stager to easily make a settlement with any external parties you are working with.

Whatever insight you need, you get it from Stager.

Ticket sales insights
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Stager gives you a detailed insight into your buyer behaviour. You can quickly see the average customer value for each order, your top customers, new and returning visitors and the events ticket buyers have purchased other tickets for. With all this data you can create target groups to approach, using our marketing tools.



The Stager app provides insight into your data. You can easily keep track of how many tickets you have sold and how much profit you have made. You also gain real-time understanding of the number of scanned tickets and the visitors already in your venue. Stager creates detailed tables and graphs, where you can see what the status is at a glance. Handy for your workforce on the ground.

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