Online ticketing.

Stager's online ticketing system helps you maximize your ticket sales. Visitors select their ticket in the mobile ticket shop, enter the required information and pay in a quick and easy manner. You determine the service costs for each ticket yourself, and the money earned in total is entirely yours. It is that easy!

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Whether you organize a complex multi-day festival with individual performances or a club night with dedicated ticket types for different entry phases, Stager helps you easily arrange ticket sales. Do you want to sell tickets to specific groups? Do you have lots of volunteers or members? Is there an “artist presale” for diehard fans? All scenarios are solvable with Stager.


Unique locked tickets

With Stager, you can effortlessly sell special (discount) tickets at the door and in the ticket shop. These tickets only appear in the ticket shop after an action code is entered. The codes are automatically generated and can be easily sent via your mobile phone. This way, you can add someone to the paid guest list last minute or send personalized discount codes to special guests.

Unieke locked tickets
Waiting room

Virtual queues during peak sales

Of course you want to sell all your tickets within a few minutes. Stager guarantees a smooth buying experience during peak sales, using a fully automated virtual queue. You don't have to do anything at all to activate this. You can also communicate ticket status in real time with those waiting in line!


Payment methods

You select which payment methods you make available for ticket sales. You can choose from the following methods:
  • iDeal
  • Credit card: VISA, Mastercard and Bancontact card
  • Sofort
  • Giropay
  • Bancontact

Online ticketing

With, or without an account

Visitors can buy tickets with or without a Stager account. If a visitor does create a Stager account, they enjoy a number of benefits. These include: keeping all their tickets in a central place, managing their interests and newsletter registrations themselves, and the chance to sell tickets they can’t use via TicketSwap.


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