Ticket scanning.

The Stager app allows you to easily scan the entrance tickets for any event, either with your phone's camera, or a professional infrared ticket scanner. The Stager team also works with regular suppliers for the purchase, hiring and delivery of scanning equipment such as scanning guns, laptops and ticket printers.

Ticket scanning
Scan insights

Real time insights

‘How are sales going for my event?’ ‘How many visitors are in the building?’ ‘Can we sell some more tickets at the door?’ ‘Have any guests arrived yet?’ These are all questions that can be answered with the Stager app. Get real-time insight into your sales results, and the walk-in at the door.


Refunds at the door

Refunds can be carried out at the door with the Stager app. Simply scan the visitor's ticket and indicate that you will refund the purchase amount. The ticket buyer automatically receives an email and will find that amount within a few days, in the bank account used to make the original purchase.

Scan sounds

Fun scanning sounds

Are you scanning tickets at a classical concert or a rock show? Or organizing a club night or dance festival? In the app’s settings you can set a scan sound that suits your event. From Super Mario-style 8-Bit to pounding Gabber. Put a smile on a punter’s face when they present their ticket.

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